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Elevator Repair Services

Elevator repairs typically not “covered” under your existing maintenance contracts are costly and your operating budget can and will suffer!  Many times clients hear the word Obsolete, or Obsolesces. The term is defined in the dictionary as: (superseded by something newer, though possibly still in use).  AmeriTex Elevator Services, Inc. will never exercise the “obsolesces clause” utilized so often by all elevator service providers. Unless the part does not exist, it is NOT OBSOLETE. If we are able to locate a previously used part for your equipment, we will provide the procedure and liability information to you associated with replacing the defective equipment prior to completing the repair and returning the elevator back to service for public use.

 AmeriTex Elevator Services, Inc., double checks all repair requests to ensure the need for a repair. At that point, a representative will request a meeting with you, “The Client”, to describe the repair, the cost and the repair schedule.

You can be assured that each elevator repair project undertaken by AmeriTex Elevator Services, Inc., whether large or small, will be completed to your satisfaction by trained, experienced elevator professionals.

AmeriTex Elevator Services, Inc. provides fast, cost-effective, emergency repair service to get your elevator equipment up and running when misuse, natural disaster or simple wear and tear interrupts your elevator service. You can be assured any repair project undertaken by AmeriTex Elevator Services, Inc., will be completed in a timely and efficient manner to your complete satisfaction.

Additionally, AmeriTex Elevator Services, Inc. has the knowledge, experience and ability to upgrade elevator systems to comply with fire service, disabled access, and life support requirements. We can also upgrade your system so that it is in compliance with all state mandated Safety CODE changes.

AmeriTex Elevator Services, Inc. technicians are courteous, professional, and meticulous.  The completed project will include a clean worksite and elevator equipment 100% operational.

If you are faced with a large costly repair, contact AmeriTex Elevator Services, Inc. for a second opinion.
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